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Unstoppable BLISS is who you are!

"We're celebrating The Best News in the Cosmos! We're celebrating the wonder of your true identity, your belovedness, your extreme giftedness. You are more blessed than you ever imagined."


~ Lani Langlais 

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Portrait of Leona, Reiki practitioner and holistic guide

Hi there!

Welcome to the party! I'm Leona, a positive psychology practitioner, Reiki Master, and spiritual teacher passionate about sharing the message that peace and joy are yours! You can have it all! 

Life looks a lot different for me. A few years ago, I was caught up in the rat race, working tirelessly for Silicon Valley's biggest tech firms, juggling a full-time job, raising a family, and attending school late in life. But all this left me feeling unhappy, stressed, and riddled with anxiety. 


I knew I had to make a change. So, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking out holistic health practices and techniques. This quest led me to a path where I could help others "EnvisionJoy" and develop a lifestyle that unlocks the natural energy pattern of healing and happiness.


I empower individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential through my healing methods. I help them discover their true identity and the boundless positivity that the universe has in store for them. Trust me, together, we can unlock the peace you desire.


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Work with Me

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Tired of feeling stress and out of balance?

Are you searching for a deeper connection to joy in your life? Experiencing inner peace, alignment, and a profound connection to life shouldn't sound like a dream.  It's time to discover the power of energy healing, a holistic-based technique embraced worldwide. 

You can feel less stressed, enhance relaxation, and foster deeper peace. Energy healing is a technique utilized in health centers, spas, hospitals, and clinics around the world.


Take your first step toward self-care and book a free info session with me to learn more! 

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Blissful Hour: 90 minutes for $139

Indulge in our Blissful Hour Package and experience 90 minutes of pure relaxation to promote healing.

Serenity Package: Three 90-minute sessions for $355

Immerse yourself in three serene 90-minute sessions. Your sessions never expire.


Tranquility Journey: Five 90-minute sessions for $555

 Embark on a deeper journey of tranquility and self-discovery. Clients love this package and go on to receive energy healing quarterly, throughout the year, or at any time of their leisure. Nurture your inner peace and ignite your spiritual growth.


Book your free consultation with me now!

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Why Now?

The Universe can work in the lives of individuals in miraculous and transformative ways to heal brokenness, bring peace to troubled hearts, and guide individuals toward their highest potential. With all the world's chaos, prioritizing self-care has never been more important. 

The Energy of the Universe desires nothing more than to see individuals flourish, experience the fullness of life, and know the deep and abiding love available for each of us. So let us open our hearts to light and allow its transformative power to work in our lives, bringing about healing, wholeness, and joy.


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Thank you!

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